[Suggestion] ApplePvP // Official In-Game Server Rules


New member
May 11, 2020

|| Overview

ApplePvP is of course a server that is based all around it's community and entertaining users with fun and interesting games. ApplePvP does have a few rules you have to follow however, because rules keep theserver clean, safe and enjoyable.

If you have any further questions about the following rules, please DM an owner on discord.

|| Rules & Offenses

|| Spamming
| 1 Day | 5 Days | 15 Days | 30 Days | Permanent Mute |

Character spamming, sending messages very quickly or flooding chat is counted as spamming

|| Advertisement
| 15 Days | 30 Days | Perm Mute |

Advertising inferior URLs or IP Addresses is strictly prohibited because it's both pointless and damaging

|| Bypassing Filter
| 2 Days | 15 Days | 30 Days | Permanent Mute |

Bypassing the filter to swear, insult, advertise etc. with variations of words.

|| Excessive use of Capitals
| 2 Hours | 15 Hours | 5 Days | 15 Days |

Using capital letters excessively to make text bigger and therefore easier to flood or to annoy people with it's nature of being hard to read.

|| User Disrespect
| 3 Days | 15 Days | 30 Days | Perm Mute |

Disrespecting other players in the chat for specific or non-specific reasons. This includes Racism, Sexism, or generally insulting someone.

|| Mute Evasion
| All Accounts Perm Muted |

Evading your mute just to be able to talk or break more rules via chat will result in a perm mute on all of your accounts.

|| Lag Machines
| 5 Days | 15 Days | 30 Days | Perm Ban |

Lag Machines include tons of items with world edit, hoppers, redstone or contraptions used to purposely disrupt the gameplay of other users.

|| Inappropriate Content
| 15 Days | 30 Days | Permanent Ban |

Inappropriate content includes building anything phallic or offensive, having an inappropriate skin, name etc. You can easily appeal for username or skin changes.

|| Cheating
| 30 Days | Permanent Ban |

One of the more serious offenses. Cheating includes using hacked clients or modifications that provide you with an unfair advantage over other users. The punishment format does not vary depending on the severity.

|| Ban Evasion
| All Accounts Perm Banned |

Evading punishments is punishable by a perm ban for all of your accounts because when you receive a punishment it's not to be ignored and taken for granted.