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    Server closure!

    Hello everyone, 👋 This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but on the 8th of May, at 3:00 PM EST, the server will be closing. If you'd like to know why keep on reading. So here's the reason for the closure: I'd like to focus more on school and personal life. The server has always been a...
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    How to download/save your plot

    This thread will show you how you can download/save your plot! Download your plot: 1. Login to the server (IP: 2. Join the IslandPlot server with the command /server creative 3. Go to your plot with the command /plot home 4. Once you're at your plot you can run the command...
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    Minigame suggestion,

    Okay I'll have a look :)
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    Minigame suggestion,

    Not sure I quite understand what your suggestion is? Could you give me more details.
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    Defend the town

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll for sure take a look into this :)
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    New winter themed hubs!

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day (or night ;)), I've got some brand new beautiful hubs made by our amazing builder @scypt! So here is the new Main Lobby. And here is the beautiful new IslandPlot hub! @scypt is also working on something else, so keep an eye out...
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    This is one interesting thread 🤔
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    Count to 2020 before 2022

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    Count to 2020 before 2022

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    Count to 2020 before 2022

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    Don't Break The Chain.
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    Suggestion :P

    Adding multiple player duels would probably require that I rewrite a lot of the plugin that takes care of duels, but I do plan on doing that eventually :) That's already on my list, but I'm not sure I understand what the point of a friends list is on a small server.
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    Count to 2020 before 2022

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    Count to 2020 before 2022

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    Count to 2020 before 2022